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Why Buy A Plumbing Repair & Maintenance Plan?

Plumbing repairs don't usually give advanced warning. They just happen.

That's why being prepared with a plumbing plan is important

Our plans protect you from expensive and unexpected plumbing repair bills.

Our plans remove the stress from:

Finding a local, licensed and insured plumber, having to get multiple estimates and wondering if you were overcharged.

Our service plans are like roadside assistance for your plumbing system

Plumbing repairs can be a real headache. With a plumbing plan, you can avoid much of the hassle, stress and uncertainty associated with plumbing breakdowns.

Having an affordable plumbing service plan is your best defense against the fluctuating costs of plumbing repairs

With so many components to your plumbing system, the need for constant repair and maintenance is ongoing and unavoidable.

We've found a way to provide free plumbing repairs that's both beneficial to our customers and our company.

If you're looking for a professional plumbing company in the Pasadena area, please call us at 626-394-9641 or complete our online request form.